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Build a computer

Your computer is sick? It struggles, is out of breath, loadingany web page takes more time than reading them ?  One solution: change your computer! Yes, but the screen is still good, the keyboard is almost new and the mouse is still okay. This video shows you how to make a computer for only 50 €. A simple and inexpensive way to maintain a computer park in a computer room. Because the Raspberry Pi is surely more efficient than your PC, if it is 5 years old …


The video contains 2 small errors corrected here:

-The video port of the Rapsberry Pi introduced, is an RCA video port and not an S-Video port as advertised, this can be useful for those who would like to use an « old » TV.
-The power of the Raspberry Pi (models 1, 2, 3 …) is in principle 5V and not in 3V as described.


  • Operating system: set of programs that manages the use of the computer hardware resources by the launched applications. This includes memory and hard disk storage resources, processor computing resources, communication resources to external devices or via the network. The operating system either accepts or denies these requests, and then reserves the resources in question to prevent their use from interfering with other requests from other software. (Source: Operating system, Wikipedia)
  • Linux Debian version: GNU / Linux or Linux is an operating system that combines essential elements of the GNU project and the Linux kernel. It is available in the form of various distributions. Debian is the name of a non-profit distribution that relies exclusively on open source software and is developed and maintained by the Debian association. One particularity is that it is managed by a community. The Debian version for Raspberry Pi mentioned in the video can be downloaded from the Raspberry Foundation website, either via an installer (NOOBS) or via an image of the distribution (raspbian).
  • Connector: An element that provides the physical connection to establish an electrical link or data transmission. In computer science, this term can be used to designate a port (even if the connector also refers to the plug of the connection).
  • GPIO: General Purpose Input / Output I / O port that allows an electronic card (microcontroller card or motherboard) to communicate with any device. They are programmable, allowing them to adapt to a wide variety of devices, provided they write a driver.


Yves Papegay is a research fellow in the HEPHAISTOS team at Inria Sophia-Antipolis. He is interested in cable robots and robotics assistance. He specializes in modeling and simulation tools, symbolic calculus and interval analysis.