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Calculate in the clouds


Most people have already heard of the « cloud ». Yet few people know exactly what it’s all about …



  • Data center or datacenter is a physical site on which are gathered information system components: computers, storage arrays, network and telecommunications equipment, etc.
  • Cloud: refers to the fact that, instead of storing its data and performing its calculations on its own computer, both have to be placed in a data center on the Internet.
  • Security: the dependability of a computer system is its ability to perform to fulfill its functions despite hardware or software failures.
  • Outsourcing: refers to the fact that a company uses an outside service for certain parts of its operation rather than hiring an employee with the requisite skills (for example cleaning, accounting or telephone reception). With digital, it becomes easier and more profitable to outsource a lot of services.
  • System Engineer: refers to an IT profession that supports everything that is the exploitation of hardware and software IT infrastructures.


A specialist in data, information and knowledge, Serge Abiteboul‘s research focuses on the management of information on the web and the management of personal data. These topics are now essential in the face of the growth and « massification » of data.

He is research director at Inria and affiliated professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan. Graduated from Télécom Paris, Serge Abiteboul obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California and a State Thesis from Paris-Sud University. He is a member of the Academy of Sciences and the Europae Academy, of the Scientific Council of SIF.

He held the Chair of Computer Science at the Collège de France (2011-2012) and the Francqui Chair at the University of Namur (2012-2013). He was a member of the National Council of Digital (2013-2016).

He is also the founder of the’s blog,, which he hosts with friends