Informatics and Digital Creation

Cultural elements on digital expertise : your turn !

You have  discover the cultural elements on digital expertise,  now it is your turn ! Choose the main topic you are interesting in and prepare a summary document of say 2 to no more than 5 pages, addressing the following issue, regarding your favorite topic:

A. Getting to the point

A.1 – What are the key ideas that everyone must know and understand regarding this topic ?

A.2 – To which extents this will modify our everyday life digital usage to have this in mind ?

A.3 – Please consider your sister mechanic or your brother florist and propose a small story or a tiny scene to be used as a metaphor in order to give him or her an flavor of the underlying concept ?

=> You prefer to address a subject not in the proposed videos (because the alternative subject is of major interest for you) : ok, let us share.

B. Coming against

B.1 – Please review some of the videos which have been proposed:

How interesting ? How useful ? Which aspects are redundant or missing ?

What other related topics are to be considered ?

=> The main cross-question is : what are your suggestions to improve ?

C. Going  beyond

C.1 – Please propose around 5 external resources (blog article, easy to read scientific reference, figure or diagram, didactic video or on-line demo, …) and for each link, provide : the title, source, copyright, few lines description, prerequisite, outcome (i.e., what do we gain proposing such resource).

C.2 – Please consider the JSON syntax and present these meta-data as a JSON structure.

C.3 – Please choose an audience target : small kids, parents, professionals from a given sector (to be made explicit), and prepare a (about) 180 seconds video and record it. This can be a presentation, or an activity proposal, or a tutorial. This can be you in front of the camera, or a screencast, or series of slides (e.g.,

=> this section is really “freestyle” the lever is that you consider producing your own “homemade” resource, do not hesitate to propose an alternative productiob,

D. Now performing peer to peer evaluating

D.0 – Last but not least : What do you think of this activity (i mean these A, B, C to D menu) ? What would you have proposed instead n?

D.1 – Package all this (all what you have done in A, B and C) so that other students (and teachers) of our Msc can perform a peer to peer evaluation, and upload it (one challenge is to find a good format, a site to upload, …)

D.2 – Consider two other student productions and evaluate them: Be neutral, with a watchful eye, with only one concern : how can i help him or her ?

=> In order to share and get a feedback on your feedback, please contact us.