Informatics and Digital Creation

From bitcoin to blockchain

Bitcoin is a planetary, cryptographic currency, based on a peer-to-peer transaction and control system, the blockchain. How it works ? What are the stakes? What links to the security of our data, here our banking transactions? It’s a real « digital revolution » …




  • Bitcoin: a planetary currency, cryptographic, based on a transaction and control system, the block-chain.
  • Cryptography (currency): an electronic money based on the principles of cryptography to validate transactions and issue the currency itself.
  • Blockchain: it is a technology of storage and transmission of information with a digital data management protocol, which is:
  • Transparent: everyone can consult all the exchanges, present and past.
  • Without a control body: it is based on peer-to-peer exchanges -> this is what creates a break with other technologies.
  • Infamous and secure: because different copies exist simultaneously in many places which prevents to falsify one or a few.



Computer scientist and mathematician, Jean-Paul Delahaye is professor emeritus at the University of Lille and researcher at CRISTAL (research center in computer science, signal and automatic Lille, UMR CNRS 9189). Specialist in the theory of complexity, he also conducts work in the field of modeling, and is interested in the use and definition of chance in computing. Jean-Paul Delahaye has also published numerous scientific books for a wide audience. He was awarded the 1998 Alembert Prize of the Mathematical Society of France for Le Fascinant Nombre Pi, and the 1999 First Prize for Scientific Culture of the Ministry of National Education, Research and Technology.