Informatics and Digital Creation

Learning JavaScript

Discovering JavaScript.

Why consider JavaScript ?JavaScript is the language to create dynamic Web pages, Web applications, Serious games and more.  

How will i learn JavaScript ? It is very easy to learn and we propose you to consider this free online tutorial.

You mean : no #CreaSmartEdtech dedicated course ?  No, instead of redoing yet another tutorial, we are going to consider this one (known as a very good one) and then collectively contribute to it.

What about using another tutorial ? Yes you can, for instance

  • The codeacademy has a very detailed online course, but may be to much « step by step´´.
  • In France (and in English) we have a real online course on JavaScript  (free access, the premium level is not mandatory, and we do have premium access if you need it) on OpenClassrooms (it is a partner a Class´Code actor of this MSc).

                      => We suggest you do the quiz of this course in addition to learn-js.

  • And you can propose an alternative, please.

How will i evaluate my competences ? In each courses you have very « exercices´´ that allows you to validate the « how to´´ at each step, and/or some quiz to check knowledge. But we have a better answer : let us do something cool with it.

Using JavaScript

The P5JS framework. This will now allow us to start doing nice things.

 You either can use an online editor or download it (also available wit processing and all resources are here to learn : but … what out starting by building a game with  ? Please consider this link and start creating your 1st game with P5Play

Now creating your Web application. Let us now turn to here we will be able to create a Web  site using P5JS .. what is your project ?

Including virtual reality small applications ?  Indeed

Finally generating a smartphone app ? Yes we can use several possibility using block programming