Informatics and Digital Creation

Technical elements on digital expertise : your turn !

You have  discover the technical elements on digital expertise,  now it is your turn ! Choose the main topic you are interesting in and prepare a summary document of say 2 to no more than 5 pages, addressing the following issue, regarding your favorite topic:

E. Feedbacking on these elements

At the end of the four chapters (a) information coding, (b) algorithms, (c) programmation, (d) networks and system architecture you are going to provide the following feedback:

E.1 – How difficult was it ? How much time did you spend ? At which level of competence do you think you were at the beginning ? And now ?

E.2 – To which extents are you able now to share this knowledge ? To which extents can you  explain why this knowledge is important ?

E.3 – What is your advice to complete / correct / improve this material ? (especially considering your own environment, or you personal project in education).

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