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Digital systems are everywhere in an every sphere of our lives: from leisure to academics, but also transforming the way we work and collaborate. In this context, citizens must develop a better understanding of digital systems in order to be actors of their personal, social and professional lives. In this course, participants will be introduced to basic computer-science concepts, mandatory to understand how digital objects and systems work.

Year 1 / semester 1 : Cultural skills on algorithm, information, networks and hardware.

Digital objects and their hardware

Web and social usage

Robotics and artificial intelligence

Informatics in other domains

+ A feed-back activity.

Year 1 / semester 2 : Maker skills regarding programming.

You may and can consider :

  • + Block programming initiation (if you do not program) because you will need it in other modules.
  • + Data specification languages initiation (only JSON and URL) because again this is more than useful.
  • + Unplug activities overview and practices.

Please refer to: for editable versions of the tutorials links and resources.

Year 2 / semester 1 : Technical skills, regarding computer science introduction.

Binary coding



Computer and network architecture

+ A feed-back activity.

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